Inti Ferreira

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Inti Ferreira

Ethics and respect as a central theme, in conflict with experimental limits and clear actions for a sustainable future.

The fashion business bears great responsibility but shouldn't give up glamour and beauty. Purist and feminine design, fair production and above all wearable fashion is our mission.

We are making the difference for tomorrow

Chill out the winter in silky shades of blue.

70's Hangover

Let the day sky be your inspiration in the magic black.

Absolute Nature

New Looks

Sporty pullover with a nice warm high collar, also available in more designs.

Soft slim-fit trousers available in more designs with pockets on front.

Nice and chic party top with wide sleeves.


Comfortable, light shirt-pullover with wide sewed polo neck

Jersey coat-dress, light and flexible to wear. Available in different fabrics quality

Nice and chic party top with wide sleeves.

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With the perfect sensual elegance mix, comfortable quietness, fair production and conscientious green fashion values and policy, inti ferreira has built reputation and it is today a well-established growing Brand in the international fashion business.


when design makes sustainability a lifestyle

18 Jan 2017: Première of the new inti ferreira's Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection, today at Salon Show in Berlin! Click here to see more.

Coming Retailer Events

      Berlin Fashion Week: 17-19 Jan
      Innatex Frankfurt: 21-23 Jan
      Gallery Düsseldorf: 28-30 Jan
      Innatex Bern: 26-27 Feb
      Innatex Salzburg: 4-5 Mar
      inti ferreira showroom (Den Haag): 1 Feb - 15 Mar

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